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Monterey Fishing Experience in Photos...

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Frank Costanza and Ernie Costanza working on net in Alaska

Powerful storms beached boats in 1915, 1919, 1943, & 1953

New Hope & Cerrito Bros. beached by storm

Monterey Boat Works

Purxe Seiner crew

Sal & Frank Costanza with their boat used in Alaska

Boat Thunderbolt with Frank Costanza at the helm, circa 1950.

Monterey Harbor circa 1939

Lampara boat

Sardine catch

Squid catch. The boat is the St. George.

Squid catch.

Unloading squid at Wharf No. 2.

Santa Rosalia Festival.  Boat is the US Liberator.

Unloading sardines into a cannery pump. The boat is the Western Maid.

Western Maid

Purse Seiner loaded with sardines.

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