Isola delle Femmine Connection


Nucatuli Cookies (Nugget Cookies)
Submitted by Angela Costanza Warner


   2 lbs. ( boxes) powdered sugar
   4 cups flour
   5 eggs
   1 1/2 tbsp. shortening
   3 teaspoons baking powder

* variations for flavoring
    1 (Anne Megna's version)
        1/2 teaspoon cloves
         2   teaspoon nutmeg
         2 teaspoon vanilla

   2  (Perina Cataldo's version)
      1 teaspoon cinnamon
      1 teaspoon anise extract
      juice from1/2 orange


   1. Cream eggs, shortening and liquid flavorings.  Add all remaining ingredients.  On a floured board, roll out long, half inch thick rolls or 'sticks of dough.  Cut this diagonally into one and a half inch long little 'logs'.

   2. Let stand on the board overnight.  The next day, bake at 300 degrees on an ungreased cookie sheet pan for about 20 minutes or until slightly bown and the inside of the cookie has poured out around the little 'log'.

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