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Photos of the Immigrants, Page 2

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Billeci Family circa 1915: Stefano, Petrina, Giuseppe, Angelina Salvatore, Rosalia, Angelina, & Nada

Chicopaulo Cacciaroni & Nina Prestigiacomo 1905

Vince Flores, Sal Gaglano, Baby Anthony Costanza, Lucy Gagliano

Paulette Compagno, Grace Costanza, Serafina Compagno, Ester Costanza, Tom Costanza

Giuseppe Russo

Josephine DiMaggio

Melchiora Eleanora Aiello

Mamie Rizzo

Children of Angelina Mercurio Yoch: Tony & Ann

Michael Partinico, Girolama (Mercurio) Rizzo, Rose Paartinico, Mamie Rizzo

Mishek Mercurio

Pete Rizzo & Vince Lucido

Ethel Kosky & Pete Rizzo

Pete Rizzo & ? Gambino

Rizzo Family: Paolo, Anna, Caterina, Providenza, Rosalia, Gaetano

Rizzo Family: Rosalia, Gaitano, unknown, Anna

Unknown & Salvatore Rizzo

Mercurio Family: (Back) Mary, Susie, Angelina, Mamie, (front) Frank, Giuseppa (Ferrante), Horace


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