Marion Madison COTTRELL, son of William Barton COTTRELL and James Frances "Fannie" MCNUTT , was born 1880 in Commanche, Commanche County, Texas. He married Florence RATLIFF . He died 1958. Florence RATLIFF was born 1890 in Bessamer, , Alabama.

Children of Marion Madison COTTRELL and Florence RATLIFF are:
1. Myrtice COTTRELL, b. 1909 See Raymond SINGER & Myrtice COTTRELL
2. Willie COTTRELL, b. 1915
3. Winnie COTTRELL, b. 1915 See Albert Clarence HAY & Winnie COTTRELL
4. Birdie Fern COTTRELL, b. 1917
5. Paul Lee COTTRELL, b. 1919 See Paul Lee COTTRELL & Marie HAWES
6. Pauline COTTRELL, b. 1919 See Hicks BLASINGAME & Pauline COTTRELL
7. Marion Marvin COTTRELL, b. 1929 See Marion Marvin COTTRELL & Barbara ROWE
8. Marylin COTTRELL, b. 1929
9. Howard Smith COTTRELL, b. 1931 See Howard Smith COTTRELL & Mary Jane WHITNEY OR Howard Smith COTTRELL & Paula FARIS

Notes for Willie COTTRELL:

Notes for Birdie Fern COTTRELL:

Notes for Marylin COTTRELL:

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