Cader Buxton Jr BRENT, son of Cader Buxton BRENT and Rebecca Cottrell SPEER , was born December 01,1857 in Trinity County, Texas. He married Mary BAKER abt. 1878 in Texas. He died April 02, 1939 in Holly Community, Houston/Trinity County, Texas. Mary BAKER was born abt. 1860. She died in unk.

Children of Cader Buxton Jr BRENT and Mary BAKER are:
1. Leddie BRENT, b. August 01, 1881
2. Mattie BRENT, b. January 01, 1883 See Clarence DRISKELL & Mattie BRENT
3. Arthur BRENT, b. April 25, 1886 See Arthur BRENT & Jessie DRISKELL
4. Ella BRENT, b. June 01, 1898

Notes for Cader Buxton Jr BRENT:

Notes for Leddie BRENT:

Notes for Ella BRENT:

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