James Monroe COTTRELL was born 1888 in , Comanche County, Texas. He married Maudie Myrtle BARTRAM . He died 1978. Maudie Myrtle BARTRAM was born 1897 in Terral, Chickasaw Nation, Oklahoma. She died 1988.

Children of James Monroe COTTRELL and Maudie Myrtle BARTRAM are:
1. Chester A COTTRELL, b. 1915 See Chester A COTTRELL & Thelma Katheen PRICE OR Chester A COTTRELL & Ruth Duncan GOODGION
2. Lester COTTRELL, b. 1915
3. J.B. "Buck" COTTRELL, b. 1920 See J.B. "Buck" COTTRELL & Lillian KOSTELECKY OR J.B. "Buck" COTTRELL & Sophie Ann CERNEY
4. Freddie Irene COTTRELL, b. 1923 See James Donald HILL & Freddie Irene COTTRELL
5. Mary Lois COTTRELL, b. 1925 See Alton HORN & Mary Lois COTTRELL
6. Lena Pansy COTTRELL, b. 1927 See Kenneth EVANS & Lena Pansy COTTRELL OR Samuel W. "Pete" RICH & Lena Pansy COTTRELL OR Hazel BESHERSE & Lena Pansy COTTRELL
7. Junior COTTRELL, b. 1930 See Junior COTTRELL & Wanda HEIDELBERG
8. Sammie Wray "Ray" "S. R." COTTRELL, b. 1936 See Sammie Wray "Ray" "S. R." COTTRELL & Virginia Emma "Jeanie" MITCHELL
9. Jackie Don "Jack" COTTRELL, b. 1941 See Jackie Don "Jack" COTTRELL & Zelda May NEWCOMB

Notes for Lester COTTRELL:

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