Francis WILSON, son of Francis WILSON and Elizabeth KOUNTZ , was born July 21,1824 in Nicholas County, Virginia. He married Harriet BROWN August 26, 1843 in San Augustine County, Texas. He died August 22, 1893 in Polk County, Texas. Harriet BROWN, daughter of Esquire BROWN and Lucretia VREEDENBERGH , was born 1822 in Louisana. She died March 23, 1886 in Polk County, Texas.

Children of Francis WILSON and Harriet BROWN are:
1. Francis Morgan WILSON, b. June 27, 1844 See Francis Morgan WILSON & Mary A. THOMAS
2. Edward Henderson WILSON, b. October 22, 1846 See Edward Henderson WILSON & Mariah OATES OR Edward Henderson WILSON & Nancy Floried CANNON OR Edward Henderson WILSON & Annie BLUME
3. Elizabeth Lucretia WILSON, b. January 06, 1850 See Travis Evander JOSEY & Elizabeth Lucretia WILSON
4. Margaret Ann WILSON, b. April 23, 1853 See Stephen Moses OATES & Margaret Ann WILSON
5. Corrina Olivia WILSON, b. December 03, 1855 See Charles Spencer OATES & Corrina Olivia WILSON
6. William Ashbury WILSON, b. January 26, 1859 See William Ashbury WILSON & Margaret Elizabeth MCCRANEY
7. Frances Virginia WILSON, b. October 20, 1861 See Rev. Pickney Jackson WALDREP & Frances Virginia WILSON
8. Mary Elizabeth WILSON, b. March 19, 1865 See William Henderson OATES & Mary Elizabeth WILSON

Other Marriages for Francis WILSON:
See Francis WILSON & Bettie ALSON

Notes for Francis WILSON:

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