Preston Reavis WILSON was born 1825 in , , Georgia/Alabama (homeplace on state line). He married Jane Lucinda BROWN June 08, 1862 in Homer, Angelina County, Texas. He died September 16, 1884 in Homer, Angelina County, Texas. Jane Lucinda BROWN, daughter of Hiram BROWN and Katherine Cathern BLACKBURN , was born April 14, 1839 in San Augustine, , Texas. She died June 16, 1916 in , Angelina County, Texas.

Children of Preston Reavis WILSON and Jane Lucinda BROWN are:
1. Redon WILSON, b. 1861
2. Sam WILSON, b. February 10, 1864
3. James Edward WILSON, b. 1867 See James Edward WILSON & Roxana CHOCHRAN OR James Edward WILSON & Mary HARVEY
4. Harriet WILSON, b. 1869
5. Thomas L. WILSON, b. 1870 See Thomas L. WILSON & Artemesia CARTER
6. William Bennet WILSON, b. 1873 See William Bennet WILSON & Anne RUNNELS
7. Henry E. WILSON, b. 1875 See Henry E. WILSON & Annie D. LAIRD OR Henry E. WILSON & Carry BARRETT
8. Eliza Grace WILSON, b. February 26, 1877 See J.M. BORDEN & Eliza Grace WILSON
9. Beaulah WILSON, b. February 19, 1879 See John Douglas SELMAN & Beaulah WILSON
10. Hiram Reed WILSON, b. July 24, 1864 See Hiram Reed WILSON & Julia HAMMONS OR Hiram Reed WILSON & Julia Anna SCRUGGS

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