Alma Melon FRY, son of Michael FREY and Rachel MATLOCK , was born June 03,1847 in , Benton County, Tennessee. He married India WOOD . India WOOD.

Children of Alma Melon FRY and India WOOD are:
1. Andrew Jackson FRY, b. abt. 1869 See Andrew Jackson FRY & Clara MERRICK
2. Addie FRY, b. abt. 1880
3. Mellon FRY, b. abt. 1882
4. Michael M. FRY, b. May 17, 1875
5. Dosie FRY, b. abt. 1890
6. Vemia FRY, b. abt. 1892
7. Bud FRY, b. January 12, 1877
8. Belus FRY, b. abt. 1888

Notes for Addie FRY:

Notes for Mellon FRY:

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