Harvey CROW. He married Augusta Mae "Dusty" HARDIN June 01, 1936 in Loew's State Theatre, Houston, Harris County, Texas. Augusta Mae "Dusty" HARDIN, daughter of Richard Talmadge HARDIN and Nell Beauregard BOYKIN , was born November 26, 1916 in Rule, , Texas. She died March 25, 1978 in Houston, Harris County, Texas.

Children of Harvey CROW and Augusta Mae "Dusty" HARDIN are:
1. Gerald Hardin CROW See Gerald Hardin CROW & Rita ???
2. Joel Scott CROW See Joel Scott CROW & Kay ???

Other Marriages for Augusta Mae "Dusty" HARDIN:
See Robert COOK & Augusta Mae "Dusty" HARDIN OR Allen CLARKE & Augusta Mae "Dusty" HARDIN

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