Chester BRENT, son of James Augusta BRENT and Lottie Eudora HART , was born July 25,1906 in Holly, Houston County, Texas. He married Nellie MATCHETT abt. 1928. He died February 05, 1985 in Houston, Harris County, Texas. Nellie MATCHETT was born abt. 1908.

Children of Chester BRENT and Nellie MATCHETT are:
1. Clara Mae BRENT, b. February 19, 1936
2. Eldrige Eugene BRENT, b. February 18, 1940
3. Baby Boy BRENT, b. October 24, 1941
4. Joyce Ellen BRENT, b. June 20, 1943
5. Baby Girl BRENT, b. February 01, 1948
6. Baby Girl BRENT, b. July 01, 1950
7. Marilyn Wayne BRENT, b. abt. 1932 See Billy Joe WILSON & Marilyn Wayne BRENT
8. Linda Cheryl BRENT, b. abt. 1934 See Jimmy Allen CRISP & Linda Cheryl BRENT

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