Orel PLEASANT was born [private]. He married Doris Marie ALFORD 1951. Doris Marie ALFORD, daughter of Leondus Edgar Mayfield ALFORD and Tressie Phillips TATE , was born [private].

Children of Orel PLEASANT and Doris Marie ALFORD are:
1. Terry Dean PLEASANT, b. [private] See Terry Dean PLEASANT & Lisa SEPULVADO OR Terry Dean PLEASANT & Bonnie SHOEMAKER OR Terry Dean PLEASANT & Christina ARIZA
2. Randall Lynn PLEASANT, b. [private]
3. Lana Jill PLEASANT, b. [private] See David CRAWFORD & Lana Jill PLEASANT
4. Barbara Elice PLEASANT, b. [private] See Jerry WILLIAMS & Barbara Elice PLEASANT
5. Darrell Orel PLEASANT, b. [private]

Other Marriages for Doris Marie ALFORD:
See ? & Doris Marie ALFORD

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