William R. H. ACKLEY was born February 15,1891. He married Rebecca Ann HOYLE March 12, 1917. He died December 25, 1954. Rebecca Ann HOYLE, daughter of John HOYLE and Mattie Rebecca ALFRED , was born October 09, 1903. She died October 24, 1954.

Children of William R. H. ACKLEY and Rebecca Ann HOYLE are:
1. Jesse Wilbert ACKLEY, b. November 28, 1919 See Jesse Wilbert ACKLEY & Mamie Lea LACINA
2. Elvin E. ACKLEY
3. Susie Opal ACKLEY See Jeff Jr. OWENS & Susie Opal ACKLEY
4. Benjamin Franklin ACKLEY, b. December 31, 1930
5. Will Marvin ACKLEY
6. James R. ACKLEY
7. Charles Wayne ACKLEY, b. February 28, 1936 See Charles Wayne ACKLEY & Marcella E. ???
8. Issac R. W. ACKLEY
9. Raford Nugene ACKLEY
10. Melvin L. ACKLEY

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