Arthur Shelton HODGES, son of James HODGES and Mary RUTHERFORD , was born April 23,1884 in Comanche County, Texas. He married Ava Pearl HARDIN April 23, 1909. He died 1958 in Gaines County, Texas. Ava Pearl HARDIN, daughter of Asa Franklin HARDIN and Julia Ann KYLE , was born March 01, 1889 in Houston County, Texas. She died July 30, 1933.

Children of Arthur Shelton HODGES and Ava Pearl HARDIN are:
1. Annie Bernice HODGES, b. June 10, 1910 See Buck DUNN & Annie Bernice HODGES
2. Opal Dell HODGES, b. May 17, 1912 See Jack Bernard BONNER & Opal Dell HODGES
3. Aca Delton HODGES, b. May 01, 1914 See Aca Delton HODGES & Cora ???
4. Joe Edmond HODGES, b. August 19, 1916 See Joe Edmond HODGES & Vanelle ERWIN
5. Leo Preston HODGES, b. September 14, 1918 See Leo Preston HODGES & Jackie ???
6. Garda Estelle HODGES, b. February 23, 1920 See Grover Cleveland ERWIN & Garda Estelle HODGES
7. Mary Vaudean HODGES, b. [private] See W.C. ADDISON & Mary Vaudean HODGES OR Clyde EVERHART & Mary Vaudean HODGES
8. Bobby Jack HODGES, b. [private] See Bobby Jack HODGES & Maxine FRANKLIN
9. Arthur Curtis HODGES, b. [private]
10. Margie Pearl HODGES, b. [private] See Bob NORRED & Margie Pearl HODGES

Notes for Ava Pearl HARDIN:

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