Thomas Alfred EATON, son of Charlie Thomas EATON and Caldonia EDWARDS , was born June 23,1933 in Leggett, Polk County, Texas. He married Clarsie Dee JOHNSON . He died November 26, 1997 in Leggett, Polk County, Texas. Clarsie Dee JOHNSON was born [private].

Children of Thomas Alfred EATON and Clarsie Dee JOHNSON are:
1. Charlie Thomas EATON, b. [private]
2. Mary Frances EATON, b. [private] See ??? GARZA & Mary Frances EATON OR Robert D. SPEARS & Mary Frances EATON OR ??? LATIMER & Mary Frances EATON
3. Terry Charlene EATON, b. October 05, 1962 See ??? BRAKE & Terry Charlene EATON OR ??? MARTINEZ & Terry Charlene EATON
4. Donnie Joe EATON, b. [private]
5. Michael Alan EATON, b. [private]

Notes for Thomas Alfred EATON:

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