Delbert Doyle YOUNGBLOOD, son of David Samuel YOUNGBLOOD and Sarah Jane SMITH , was born June 28,1888 in Corrigan, Polk County, Texas. He married Lillian Myrtle PENTECOSTE January 26, 1910. He died June 19, 1965 in Cleveland, , Texas. Lillian Myrtle PENTECOSTE, daughter of Joseph Edward PENTECOSTE and Lillie Pherbia WEEKS , was born April 30, 1893 in Moscow, Tyler County, Texas. She died December 06, 1955 in Rockland, Jasper County, Texas.

Children of Delbert Doyle YOUNGBLOOD and Lillian Myrtle PENTECOSTE are:
1. Delbert Doyle YOUNGBLOOD, b. April 20, 1917 See Delbert Doyle YOUNGBLOOD & Norma SHARP
2. Rueben Hutson YOUNGBLOOD, b. October 16, 1920 See Rueben Hutson YOUNGBLOOD & Dolly HALL
4. Joseph David YOUNGBLOOD, b. April 08, 1914 See Joseph David YOUNGBLOOD & Alma Reba DUNN

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Other Marriages for Delbert Doyle YOUNGBLOOD:
See Delbert Doyle YOUNGBLOOD & Nora Odessa PETERSON

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