Richard YOUNGBLOOD, son of A. John YOUNGBLOOD and Mary Ann WILLIAMS , was born May 20,1820 in St. Helens Parish, Louisana. He married Martha ODOM abt. 1843 in Jasper, Jasper County, Texas. He died abt. 1885 in , Polk County, Texas. Martha ODOM, daughter of David ODOM , was born September 22, 1822.

Children of Richard YOUNGBLOOD and Martha ODOM are:
1. David Samuel YOUNGBLOOD, b. November 10, 1850 See David Samuel YOUNGBLOOD & Sarah Jane SMITH
2. Thomas YOUNGBLOOD, b. May 23, 1854 See Thomas YOUNGBLOOD & Pelina MCKIM OR Thomas YOUNGBLOOD & Minerva SMITH
3. Mary Annett F. YOUNGBLOOD, b. abt. 1844 See Steven H. Austin GILCHRIST & Mary Annett F. YOUNGBLOOD
4. Martha YOUNGBLOOD, b. abt. 1861 See David W. BELLAMY & Martha YOUNGBLOOD
5. Sarah Ann YOUNGBLOOD, b. June 03, 1843 See Thomas B. LEONARD & Sarah Ann YOUNGBLOOD
6. Richard J. YOUNGBLOOD, b. 1857 See Richard J. YOUNGBLOOD & Eliza BUTLER
7. Jackson Austin YOUNGBLOOD, b. abt. September 01, 1859 See Jackson Austin YOUNGBLOOD & Cynthia ???
8. John YOUNGBLOOD, b. abt. 1847
9. Bosie YOUNGBLOOD, b. abt. 1869

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