Dozier Kirby SMITH, son of John Bunyan SMITH and Lou Ella TEAGUE , was born March 20,1877 in , Houston County, Texas. He married Nannete CONAWAY . He died September 27, 1974 in Crockett, Houston County, Texas. Nannete CONAWAY, daughter of Knox CONAWAY and Eliza HALLMARK , .

Children of Dozier Kirby SMITH and Nannete CONAWAY are:
1. Dozier Kirby Jr. SMITH, b. August 09, 1913 See Dozier Kirby Jr. SMITH & Iris STEVENS
2. Mrytle Ruth SMITH, b. April 02, 1916 See G.L. HARRISON & Mrytle Ruth SMITH
3. Janie Sue SMITH, b. July 02, 1920 See Truman Maxie DENMAN & Janie Sue SMITH
4. Nina Beatrice SMITH, b. [private] See Lucky Bert Williams SR. & Nina Beatrice SMITH

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