Mathew Castle Pickney SMITH, son of John SMITH and Agnes COOPER , was born November 12,1837 in , , South Carolina. He married Susan SMITH September 22, 1857 in Orange, Cherokee County, Georgia. He died May 03, 1904 in , Houston County , Texas. Susan SMITH was born May 20, 1841 in , , North Carolina. She died September 06, 1893 in , Houston County , Texas.

Children of Mathew Castle Pickney SMITH and Susan SMITH are:
1. John Bunyan SMITH, b. November 12, 1865 See John Bunyan SMITH & Lou Ella TEAGUE OR John Bunyan SMITH & Eudora E BEARD
2. Robert Kirby SMITH, b. November 12, 1865
3. Peoria Cordeila SMITH, b. 1859
4. Vandom Barto SMITH, b. 1860
5. Pickney Ellsworth SMITH, b. 1863
6. George Washington SMITH, b. 1866
7. William David SMITH, b. April 06, 1870 See William David SMITH & Mary FAMBROUGH
8. Leroy Jefferson SMITH, b. 1872
9. Newton Alexaander SMITH, b. 1876
10. Susie SMITH, b. 1877
11. Minnie SMITH, b. 1878
12. Overby Lee SMITH, b. 1880

Other Marriages for Mathew Castle Pickney SMITH:
See Mathew Castle Pickney SMITH & Mary Ann SMITH

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