Cisero Jackson HIGH, son of Wiley Turner Jr. HIGH and Mary Elizabeth PRITCHARD , was born 1882. He married Gertrude L. ALFRED November 11, 1906. He died 1927. Gertrude L. ALFRED, daughter of David Richard ALFRED and Sarah Ann JOHNSON , was born 1880. She died 1960.

Children of Cisero Jackson HIGH and Gertrude L. ALFRED are:
1. VerMae HIGH, b. July 26, 1907 See Erwin GALLOWAY & VerMae HIGH
2. Mary Elizabeth HIGH, b. May 15, 1909 See Max Clinton TAYLOR & Mary Elizabeth HIGH
3. Oscar Leroy HIGH, b. April 11, 1910 See Oscar Leroy HIGH & Margaret ???
4. Walter Jackson HIGH, b. September 04, 1912 See Walter Jackson HIGH & Pearl ???
5. Fannie Bell HIGH, b. March 09, 1917 See Leonard CARNES & Fannie Bell HIGH

Other Marriages for Gertrude L. ALFRED:
See H.B. HODGES & Gertrude L. ALFRED

Notes for Cisero Jackson HIGH:

Notes for Gertrude L. ALFRED:

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