John Hugh HARGROVE, son of William James HARGROVE and Mary Jannett PRYOR , was born March 03,1833 in , , Tennessee. He married Miranda Elvira BELL . He died December 18, 1905 in Sharp, Milam County, Texas. Miranda Elvira BELL, daughter of Samuel BELL and UNKNOWN , was born July 22, 1835 in , , Alabama. She died 1918 in Girard, Kent County, Texas.

Children of John Hugh HARGROVE and Miranda Elvira BELL are:
1. Mary Alice HARGROVE, b. 1858 See John Harvey MILLWEE & Mary Alice HARGROVE
2. Charles Warner HARGROVE, b. October 21, 1860 See Charles Warner HARGROVE & Mollie MCMILLAN
3. John Robert HARGROVE, b. July 23, 1863 See John Robert HARGROVE & Roxie Anna SMALL
4. Laura Ann HARGROVE, b. March 08, 1866 See James WISE & Laura Ann HARGROVE
5. Julia Miranda HARGROVE, b. 1869 See Joseph Benson SHELTON & Julia Miranda HARGROVE
6. Frances Virginia HARGROVE, b. January 20, 1873 See David Rader THOMPSON & Frances Virginia HARGROVE
7. Sabrie Pryor HARGROVE, b. 1874 See Patrick GARVIN & Sabrie Pryor HARGROVE
8. Lafeyette Monroe HARGROVE, b. September 20, 1879 See Lafeyette Monroe HARGROVE & Prudie GILLS OR Lafeyette Monroe HARGROVE & Nannie Rivers ARNOLD

Notes for John Hugh HARGROVE:

Notes for Miranda Elvira BELL:

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