Malachi Sr. CLICK, son of Lewis Henry Click Ludwig Henrich GLUCK and (Dorcus) (ALEXANDER) , was born 1769 in Bucks County , Pennsylvania ?. He married Rebecca HAWKINS . He died May 20, 1840 in Greene County, Tennessee. Rebecca HAWKINS was born 1781.

Children of Malachi Sr. CLICK and Rebecca HAWKINS are:
1. Mary Ann CLICK, b. 1815 See Nicholas A. MCGHEE & Mary Ann CLICK
2. Nathan CLICK, b. 1819 See Nathan CLICK & Rachel MONCIER
3. Samuel CLICK, b. 1824 See Samuel CLICK & Mary HUDSON OR Samuel CLICK & Martha Elizabeth BROYLES
4. Malachi Jr. CLICK, b. 1824
5. Washington CLICK, b. 1826

Other Marriages for Malachi Sr. CLICK:
See Malachi Sr. CLICK & Rebecca HOWELL OR Malachi Sr. CLICK & Sarah GRAHAM OR Malachi Sr. CLICK & Elizabeth SHURLEY OR Malachi Sr. CLICK & Rachel LANEY

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