Benjamin Franklin SELMAN, son of Thomas SELMAN and Jemimah GREENLEASE , was born November 07,1795 in Elberta, Elbert County, Georgia. He married Sarah BEENE 1818 in Franklin County, Tennessee. He died January 05, 1873 in Alio, Cherokee County, Texas. Sarah BEENE, daughter of Robert BEENE and Martha WOMACK , was born November 06, 1798 in Elbert County, Georgia. She died November 12, 1868 in Alto, Cherokee County, Texas.

Children of Benjamin Franklin SELMAN and Sarah BEENE are:
1. Thomas SELMAN, b. March 18, 1817 See Thomas SELMAN & Mattie ??? OR Thomas SELMAN & Emaline ALLEN
2. Martha Ann SELMAN, b. January 11, 1819 See James BOYD & Martha Ann SELMAN
3. Greenlease Bean SELMAN, b. December 18, 1820 See Greenlease Bean SELMAN & Amanda Deborah OLDHAM OR Greenlease Bean SELMAN & Elizabeth EMBRY
4. Nancy SELMAN, b. February 01, 1822
5. Willis Lafayette SELMAN, b. May 05, 1825 See Willis Lafayette SELMAN & Margaret Rebecca EVANS
6. Elizabeth SELMAN, b. 1827
7. Artemisia SELMAN, b. December 05, 1828 See Ruben H. BOONE & Artemisia SELMAN
8. Mary Ann "Polly" SELMAN, b. October 17, 1830 See Calvin C. SCOTT & Mary Ann "Polly" SELMAN
9. Benjamin F(ranklin) SELMAN, b. 1835
10. Sarah Benton SELMAN, b. August 29, 1838 See Daniel Brummitt LEWIS & Sarah Benton SELMAN
11. Annie Olivia Belle SELMAN

Other Marriages for Benjamin Franklin SELMAN:
See Benjamin Franklin SELMAN & Sarah Ann CRAWFORD

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