Bartholomew TALIAFERRO was born 1530 in Venice, Italy. He married Jone LANE between January 01, 1583 and 1584 in Cornhill, London, England. He died 1601 in London, England. Jone LANE, daughter of John LAYNE , was born 1562 in St. Michaels, Cornwall, London, England.

Children of Bartholomew TALIAFERRO and Jone LANE are:
1. Francis TALIAFERRO, b. 1589 See Francis TALIAFERRO & Bennett HAIE
2. Elizabeth TALIAFERRO
3. Katherine TALIAFERRO, b. 1584
4. Horatio TALIAFERRO, b. 1585
5. Ciprion TALIAFERRO, b. 1587
6. Isack TALIAFERRO, b. 1592
7. Jacob TALIAFERRO, b. 1592
8. Bartholomew TALIAFERRO, b. 1596
9. Jeromme TALIAFERRO, b. 1598

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