Alfred A. BEARDEN, son of William BEARDEN and Obediance HARRIS , was born May 01,1828 in , Jefferson County, Alabama. He married Sophronia SMITH September 27, 1849 in , Perry County, Alabama. He died February 26, 1910 in , Shelby County, Alabama. Sophronia SMITH was born 1832 in , , Alabama. She died May 19, 1898 in , Shelby County, Alabama.

Children of Alfred A. BEARDEN and Sophronia SMITH are:
1. Thomas A. BEARDEN, b. abt. 1863 See Thomas A. BEARDEN & Sarah LAWLEY
2. Jane Paralee BEARDEN, b. abt. 1851
3. Beadie BEARDEN, b. abt. 1853
4. Elijah BEARDEN, b. abt. 1855
5. James BEARDEN, b. abt. 1856
6. John BEARDEN, b. abt. 1859
7. Adeline BEARDEN, b. abt. 1861
8. Amie BEARDEN, b. abt. 1867
9. Byrd BEARDEN, b. abt. 1868
10. Jackson BEARDEN, b. abt. 1875

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