Joshua Columbus SHUPTRINE was born abt. 1850. He married Lydia Jane RUSSELL bef. 1871. He died bef. 1950. Lydia Jane RUSSELL was born abt. 1845. She died bef. 1945.

Children of Joshua Columbus SHUPTRINE and Lydia Jane RUSSELL are:
1. Luella SHUPTINE, b. January 26, 1871 See ??? HARRISON & Luella SHUPTINE
2. Hannah SHUPTINE, b. abt. 1875
3. Charles W. SHUPTINE, b. abt. 1876
4. Viola SHUPTINE, b. abt. 1879

Notes for Joshua Columbus SHUPTRINE:

Notes for Hannah SHUPTINE:

Notes for Charles W. SHUPTINE:

Notes for Viola SHUPTINE:

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