Elisha BASS was born December 20,1889 in Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas. He married Ellen Evelyn SPEARS . He died June 15, 1968 in , Jasper County, Texas. Ellen Evelyn SPEARS, daughter of Samuel Layfette SPEARS and Zora Idella HERRIN , .

Children of Elisha BASS and Ellen Evelyn SPEARS are:
1. Timothy Elisha BASS See Timothy Elisha BASS & Jo B. JACKS
2. Evelyn Aselete BASS
3. Roger Gene BASS See Roger Gene BASS & Barbara Nell HARDIN
4. Shirley Kay BASS See Monte R. SHIRD & Shirley Kay BASS
5. Joseph William BASS See Joseph William BASS & Debra K. YOUNG
6. Racheal Leona BASS See Charles K. PUTNAM & Racheal Leona BASS
7. Donnie Ray BASS

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