William Osborn CARTWRIGHT, son of David James CARTWRIGHT and Sarah Melissa TEAT , was born October 09,1872 in Troy, Pike County, Alabama. He married Edna Ione KENNEDY . He died March 31, 1918 in (near) Eddy, Falls County, Texas. Edna Ione KENNEDY was born abt. 1878 in , , Texas. She died December 12, 1956 in , Hildago County, Texas.

Children of William Osborn CARTWRIGHT and Edna Ione KENNEDY are:
1. William Ernest CARTWRIGHT, b. January 25, 1899 See William Ernest CARTWRIGHT & Helen Francele BARTEE
2. Ella CARTWRIGHT, b. abt. 1901
3. Paschal CARTWRIGHT, b. December 01, 1901
4. Eunice CARTWRIGHT, b. abt. 1904
5. DeWitt CARTWRIGHT, b. abt. 1905
6. Bertie CARTWRIGHT, b. abt. 1914 See ??? METZGER & Bertie CARTWRIGHT
7. Felix T. CARTWRIGHT, b. April 17, 1915
8. Lela CARTWRIGHT, b. abt. 1917

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