William D. BITNER, son of Henry Alfred BITNER and UNKNOWN , was born abt. 1848 in , , Tennessee. He married Susan Ann CROWSON January 19, 1871 in , Houston County, Texas. Susan Ann CROWSON, daughter of Obediah Lovelady CROWSON and Martha Jane ELLIS , was born February 20, 1854 in Lovelady, Houston County, Texas.

Children of William D. BITNER and Susan Ann CROWSON are:
1. Oscar T. BITNER, b. 1872 See Oscar T. BITNER & Norma SANDERS
2. Samuel W. BITNER, b. 1874
3. Emma Etta BITNER, b. March 30, 1875 See William A. FREEMAN & Emma Etta BITNER
4. Hardy Elmo BITNER, b. 1878 See Hardy Elmo BITNER & Martha E. RATTERREE
5. Ida BITNER, b. 1881 See Arthur SCOTT & Ida BITNER
6. Benjamin W. BITNER, b. May 20, 1885 See Benjamin W. BITNER & Lucy SANDERS

Notes for William D. BITNER:

Notes for Samuel W. BITNER:

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