Richard T. CROWSON, son of William CROWSON and Catherine HARRISON , was born December 20,1815 in , , Alabama. He married Rebecca Ann LINDSEY March 10, 1836 in , Shelby County, Alabama. He died December 14, 1882 in , Winston County, Mississippi. Rebecca Ann LINDSEY, daughter of Elijah LINDSEY and Mary HARRISON , was born 1822 in , Shelby County, Alabama.

Children of Richard T. CROWSON and Rebecca Ann LINDSEY are:
1. Elijah Lindsey CROWSON, b. January 29, 1837 See Elijah Lindsey CROWSON & Emily Elizabeth LIDDELL OR Elijah Lindsey CROWSON & Mary M. DURRANT OR Elijah Lindsey CROWSON & M.E. ALEXANDER
2. Benegar Bibb CROWSON, b. August 21, 1840
3. Mary Jane CROWSON, b. July 18, 1842
4. David Harrison CROWSON, b. 1844
5. Catherine CROWSON, b. 1845
6. William Thomas CROWSON, b. December 31, 1846
7. John Fletcher CROWSON, b. September 03, 1848 See John Fletcher CROWSON & Mary Jane COSTILOE OR John Fletcher CROWSON & Sarah E. TAYLOR
8. Martha Ann CROWSON, b. March 03, 1850
9. Catherine CROWSON, b. abt. 1852
10. Richard Ferris CROWSON, b. abt. 1854
11. Frances CROWSON, b. 1856
12. James Shelby CROWSON, b. November 06, 1858 See James Shelby CROWSON & Susan Elizabeth TAYLOR OR James Shelby CROWSON & Mary Etta SPIER
13. Randolph Christopher CROWSON, b. 1860
14. Floyd S. CROWSON, b. October 01, 1862

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