Antonino RUSSO, son of Giuseppe RUSSO and Giovanna Antonina Caterina RIZZO , was born 1771 in Capaci, Palermo, Sicily, Italy. He married Caterina CUTINO bef. 1799 in Capaci, Palermo, Sicily, Italy. He died August 03, 1809 in Capaci, Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Caterina CUTINO, daughter of Gaetano Antonino Erasmo CUTINO and Giovanna CRIVELLO , was born 1767 in Capaci, Palermo, Sicily, Italy. She died May 16, 1822 in Isola delle Femine, Palermo, Sicily.

Children of Antonino RUSSO and Caterina CUTINO are:
1. Giuseppe Erasmo Calogero RUSSO, b. October 22, 1798 See Giuseppe Erasmo Calogero RUSSO & Giovanna BILLECI OR Giuseppe Erasmo Calogero RUSSO & Tommasa Maria Giovanna LIPARI
2. Gaetano Benedetto Erasmo RUSSO, b. October 09, 1804 See Gaetano Benedetto Erasmo RUSSO & Vincenza BELLECI
3. Leonardo RUSSO, b. December 18, 1803 See Leonardo RUSSO & Ninfa LUCIDO OR Leonardo RUSSO & Angela DRAGO

Other Marriages for Caterina CUTINO:
See Giuseppe LUCIDO & Caterina CUTINO

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