William Thomas HARRISON, son of William Daugherty HARRISON and Jane PATTON , was born September 14,1850 in Randolph, Houston County, Texas. He married Martha Willie STUBBLEFIELD 1871 in , Houston County, Texas. He died June 08, 1935 in Harrisontown Community, Houston County, Texas. Martha Willie STUBBLEFIELD, daughter of Dixon Elmer STUBBLEFIELD and Eliza WEB , was born March 05, 1852 in , Houston County, Texas. She died June 17, 1926 in Kennard, Houston County, Texas.

Children of William Thomas HARRISON and Martha Willie STUBBLEFIELD are:
1. George Wilson HARRISON, b. July 01, 1871
2. James Edward HARRISON, b. September 22, 1873 See James Edward HARRISON & Margaret Ann MASON
3. Mary Eldora HARRISON, b. April 11, 1875
4. Emma Jane HARRISON, b. February 10, 1877 See Benjamin Franklin MORGAN & Emma Jane HARRISON
5. Minnie Elizabeth HARRISON, b. May 10, 1884
6. Anna Eliza HARRISON, b. July 01, 1886
7. Jonathon Andrew HARRISON, b. February 03, 1888
8. Dixon Franklin HARRISON, b. April 24, 1892 See Dixon Franklin HARRISON & Nora Bell MORGAN
9. William Vedelia HARRISON, b. March 15, 1894

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