James Sr. DIMMITT was born abt. 1707 in , Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland. He married Barbara BROAD March 27, 1733 in , Baltimore County, Maryland. He died 1774 in , Rowen County, North Carolina. Barbara BROAD was born abt. 1715 in , Baltimore County, Maryland. She died aft. 1772 in , Rowen County, North Carolina.

Children of James Sr. DIMMITT and Barbara BROAD are:
1. Elizabeth DIMMITT, b. August 26, 1740 See Zachariah CROSS & Elizabeth DIMMITT
2. Mary DIMMITT, b. December 29, 1734
3. John Broad DIMMITT, b. abt. 1736
4. William DIMMITT, b. aft. 1736
5. Athaliah DIMMITT, b. February 21, 1737
6. Ann DIMMITT, b. aft. 1744
7. Barbara DIMMITT, b. aft. 1744
8. James Jr. DIMMITT, b. February 17, 1747

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