Thomas Powell CROWSON, son of William B. CROWSON and Nancy A. TURNER , was born June 25,1870 in , Coosa County, Alabama. He married Celia Bernice NIX March 18, 1894 in Wessington, Chilton County, Alabama. Celia Bernice NIX was born May 16, 1876 in , Chilton County, Alabama. She died May 13, 1942 in Jemison, Chilton County, Alabama.

Children of Thomas Powell CROWSON and Celia Bernice NIX are:
1. William Andrew CROWSON, b. January 07, 1895 See William Andrew CROWSON & Fora Marie ASKINS
2. Minnie Pearl CROWSON, b. February 15, 1897
3. Bertha E. CROWSON, b. May 16, 1898
4. Henry Lee CROWSON, b. September 16, 1901
5. Ruben Thomas CROWSON, b. December 25, 1903
6. Celia Iowa CROWSON, b. April 21, 1907
7. Joseph Ellis CROWSON, b. October 04, 1909
8. Sudie Frances CROWSON, b. October 12, 1912
9. Murphy Powell CROWSON, b. August 23, 1915
10. William Milton CROWSON, b. June 26, 1918 See William Milton CROWSON & Willodean Margaret DAWSON

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