Adrian Ivy HERRIN, son of William Marcas Delafayette HERRIN and Emily WILKINSON , was born November 25,1876. He married Zadie E. STARK . He died January 07, 1966 in Newton, Newton County, Texas. Zadie E. STARK was born September 08, 1888. She died January 12, 1910 in Newton, Newton County, Texas.

Children of Adrian Ivy HERRIN and Zadie E. STARK are:
1. Zora Idella HERRIN, b. August 06, 1908 See Grover ??? & Zora Idella HERRIN OR Samuel Layfette SPEARS & Zora Idella HERRIN
2. Andrew W. HERRIN, b. May 05, 1904
3. Sophronia HERRIN, b. July 29, 1906 See Berry WARNER & Sophronia HERRIN
4. William B. HERRIN

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