Leroy Scott ALFRED, son of David Turner ALFRED and Mary Scott CROWSON , was born 1859 in Houston County, Texas. He married Frances Mae SELMAN abt. 1894 in Houston County, Texas. He died 1937 in Houston County, Texas. Frances Mae SELMAN was born 1875. She died 1917 in Houston County, Texas.

Children of Leroy Scott ALFRED and Frances Mae SELMAN are:
1. Jessie Ward ALFRED, b. February 26, 1915 See Jessie Ward ALFRED & Hazel HAM OR Jessie Ward ALFRED & Celia Zadie SPEARS
2. Annie Rue ALFRED, b. August 09, 1899 See Edgar HARRISON & Annie Rue ALFRED
3. Zora Jeanette ALFRED, b. December 15, 1907 See James Virgi DAY & Zora Jeanette ALFRED OR James Virgil DAY & Zora Jeanette ALFRED
4. Aaron Newton ALFRED, b. 1902
5. David Obedie ALFRED, b. August 23, 1905 See David Obedie ALFRED & Cora Lee SIMCOCK
6. Fannie Mae ALFRED, b. January 28, 1910 See George HANEY & Fannie Mae ALFRED

Other Marriages for Leroy Scott ALFRED:
See Leroy Scott ALFRED & M.E. KILLINGSWORTH OR Leroy Scott ALFRED & Lucetta Ellinor JULIAN

Notes for Leroy Scott ALFRED:

Notes for Frances Mae SELMAN:

Notes for Aaron Newton ALFRED:

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