Thomas Harrison CROWSON, son of William CROWSON and Catherine HARRISON , was born December 13,1813 in , Madison County, Alabama. He married Mary Catherine BLEDSOE December 16, 1833 in , Perry County, Alabama. He died March 06, 1895 in Dial, Fannin County, Texas. Mary Catherine BLEDSOE, daughter of Moses BLEDSOE and Mary YOUNG , was born October 31, 1815 in , Berrien County, Georgia. She died January 16, 1878 in Dial, Fannin County, Texas.

Children of Thomas Harrison CROWSON and Mary Catherine BLEDSOE are:
1. William Miller CROWSON, b. October 16, 1835 See William Miller CROWSON & Mary Eudora BAILEY
2. Moses Bledsoe CROWSON, b. February 10, 1836 See Moses Bledsoe CROWSON & Martha E. ELROD
3. Richard T. CROWSON, b. abt. 1839 See Richard T. CROWSON & Sarah S. ELROD
4. Elijah L. CROWSON, b. May 11, 1840
5. John Fletcher CROWSON, b. February 05, 1842 See John Fletcher CROWSON & Martha A. CLOWER
6. Asa Billingslea CROWSON, b. December 18, 1843 See Asa Billingslea CROWSON & Missouri F. CLOWER OR Asa Billingslea CROWSON & Martha A. EDWARDS OR Asa Billingslea CROWSON & Jennie SIMS
7. Thomas F. CROWSON, b. June 25, 1845
8. Mary Eliza CROWSON, b. March 15, 1847 See W.H. Henry SMART & Mary Eliza CROWSON
9. Catherine Taylor CROWSON, b. March 06, 1849 See William Brooks CLOWER & Catherine Taylor CROWSON
10. Nancy Jane CROWSON, b. November 12, 1850
11. James Andrew CROWSON, b. March 03, 1852 See James Andrew CROWSON & Ella Annette EDWARDS
12. Martha Ann CROWSON See W.H. Henry SMART & Martha Ann CROWSON
13. David Melton CROWSON, b. May 13, 1857
14. Louisa Josephine CROWSON
15. Jefferson Davis CROWSON

Other Marriages for Thomas Harrison CROWSON:
See Thomas Harrison CROWSON & Phoebe BLEDSOE OR Thomas Harrison CROWSON & R.S. POLLARD

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