George Washington BUTTS, son of John BUTTS and Mary PARDUE , was born April 17,1815 in , Putnam County, Georgia. He married Sarah C. MAHAN December 21, 1837 in , Talladega County, Alabama. He died March 03, 1896 in Sylacauga, Talladega County, Alabama. Sarah C. MAHAN, daughter of John Jr. MAHAN and Rebecca CROWSON , was born 1823 in , , Alabama. She died aft. 1880 in Sylacauga, Talladega County, Alabama.

Children of George Washington BUTTS and Sarah C. MAHAN are:
1. Mary E. BUTTS, b. May 13, 1841 See Jack SOLLEY & Mary E. BUTTS OR Martin TAYLOR & Mary E. BUTTS
2. Martha C. BUTTS, b. March 10, 1843 See George WALLIS & Martha C. BUTTS
3. Rebecca J. BUTTS, b. abt. 1844
4. Margaret A. BUTTS, b. December 05, 1845
5. John Arkie Sr. BUTTS, b. March 24, 1848 See John Arkie Sr. BUTTS & Sinai Elizabeth RUSSELL OR John Arkie Sr. BUTTS & Mary A. COSPER OR John Arkie Sr. BUTTS & Mattie J. HONEYCUTT
6. George Washington Jr. BUTTS, b. October 04, 1849
7. Madison Murray BUTTS, b. January 24, 1854 See Madison Murray BUTTS & Serrepsa O. ???
8. William Bruster BUTTS, b. May 04, 1856
9. Dora Ann BUTTS, b. March 29, 1859 See J.H. LYBRAND & Dora Ann BUTTS
10. Sarah Ellen BUTTS, b. abt. 1851 See F.C. BLANCHARD & Sarah Ellen BUTTS

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