George S. STURDIVANT, son of Samuel STURDIVANT , . He married Sallie ??? . Sallie ???.

Children of George S. STURDIVANT and Sallie ??? are:
1. Myrtle Agnes STURDIVANT, b. November 22, 1895 See Daniel William HARDIN & Myrtle Agnes STURDIVANT
2. Virgie L. STURDIVANT, b. 1889
3. Samuel C. STURDIVANT, b. 1891
4. Joseph F. STURDIVANT, b. 1893
5. Gladys D. STURDIVANT, b. 1899

Notes for Virgie L. STURDIVANT:

Notes for Samuel C. STURDIVANT:

Notes for Joseph F. STURDIVANT:

Notes for Gladys D. STURDIVANT:

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