Wiley Rosemond CHRISTIAN, son of ??? CHRISTIAN and UNKNOWN , was born June 04,1866. He married Fannie ALLEE . He died July 06, 1915 in Austonio, Houston County, Texas. Fannie ALLEE.

Children of Wiley Rosemond CHRISTIAN and Fannie ALLEE are:
1. Newton Henry CHRISTIAN, b. October 19, 1905 See Newton Henry CHRISTIAN & Moria HART
2. Pearl CHRISTIAN, b. December 13, 1889 See William I. KEELS & Pearl CHRISTIAN
3. Margia Mae CHRISTIAN, b. April 07, 1894 See Robert Owen BROWN & Margia Mae CHRISTIAN
4. Nancy Carrie CHRISTIAN, b. September 04, 1900
5. Luciel CHRISTIAN, b. February 15, 1903 See Archie CROFFORD & Luciel CHRISTIAN
6. Wiley Wilson CHRISTIAN, b. November 03, 1896 See Wiley Wilson CHRISTIAN & Ida Melissa MCDONALD

Other Marriages for Wiley Rosemond CHRISTIAN:
See Wiley Rosemond CHRISTIAN & Maybelle DOLAN

Notes for Wiley Rosemond CHRISTIAN:

Notes for Nancy Carrie CHRISTIAN:

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