Templeton SPIVEY was born September 22,1794 in Moore County, North Carolina. He married Charity HICKS June 26, 1820 in Bibb County, Alabama. He died September 25, 1877 in Bosque County, Texas. Charity HICKS, daughter of John HICKS and Elizabeth BIRD , was born November 20, 1803 in Randolph County, North Carolina. She died May 19, 1872 in Bosque County, Texas.

Children of Templeton SPIVEY and Charity HICKS are:
1. George SPIVEY, b. 1849
2. Elizabeth Ann Bird SPIVEY, b. March 06, 1838 See Andrew Jackson HENRY & Elizabeth Ann Bird SPIVEY
3. John Hicks SPIVEY, b. 1821
4. Calvin A. SPIVEY, b. 1829
5. Joseph SPIVEY, b. 1832
6. Henry SPIVEY, b. 1834
7. Martha SPIVEY, b. 1840
8. James SPIVEY, b. 1851
9. Henry M. SPIVEY, b. 1855 See Henry M. SPIVEY & Catherine NUGENT
10. Six More Children SPIVEY

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