Michele ENEA was born aft. 1634. He married Anna LONGO . He died aft. 1688. Anna LONGO, daughter of Francesco LONGO and ERASMA , was born December 22, 1639. She died aft. 1688.

Children of Michele ENEA and Anna LONGO are:
1. Giuseppe Bartolomeo ENEA, b. January 11, 1660 See Giuseppe Bartolomeo ENEA & Caterina ENEA OR Giuseppe Bartolomeo ENEA & CATERINA
2. Calogera ENEA, b. January 18, 1689
3. Domenica Maria ENEA, b. January 18, 1670
4. Ignazia ENEA, b. September 30, 1682
5. Laurea Maria ENEA, b. August 29, 1672
6. Maria Laurea ENEA, b. October 02, 1663
7. Adriana Giuseppa ENEA, b. September 08, 1677

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