Ashburn L. DAVIS was born between 1795 and 1806 in North Carolina. He married Hetta ??? bef. 1824. He died in Homer, Angelina County, Texas ?. Hetta ??? was born 1815 in Tennessee.

Children of Ashburn L. DAVIS and Hetta ??? are:
1. William D. Y. DAVIS, b. 1837 See William D. Y. DAVIS & Sarah Jane COLE
2. George A. DAVIS, b. abt. 1824 See George A. DAVIS & Martha ANDERSON
3. John DAVIS, b. 1843
4. Frances B DAVIS, b. 1849
5. Levi B. DAVIS, b. 1834 See Levi B. DAVIS & Harriet COLE
6. Nancy A DAVIS, b. 1838 See Ephraim P. ANDERSON & Nancy A DAVIS OR William P. (Pinkney?) "Bill" BERRY & Nancy A DAVIS
7. Susana DAVIS, b. 1846 See William P. (Pinkney?) "Bill" BERRY & Susana DAVIS

Other Marriages for Ashburn L. DAVIS:
See Ashburn L. DAVIS & Rachel MATLOCK

Notes for Ashburn L. DAVIS:

Notes for Hetta ???:

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