Robert Sr. MCMINN was born 1750 in Scotland. He married Jane KUYKENDALL 1772 in Robeson County, North Carolina. He died August 01, 1798 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Jane KUYKENDALL, daughter of Abraham KUYKENDALL and Elizabeth ? , was born abt. 1755.

Children of Robert Sr. MCMINN and Jane KUYKENDALL are:
1. Robert Jr. MCMINN, b. 1790 See Robert Jr. MCMINN & Lavinia BEARD
2. William Abraham MCMINN, b. 1772 See William Abraham MCMINN & Mary Margaret BYERS
3. Mary MCMINN, b. 1774 See Edward JOHNSON & Mary MCMINN
4. John A. MCMINN, b. 1776 See John A. MCMINN & Elizabeth ROBINSON
5. James MCMINN, b. 1778 See James MCMINN & Elizabeth WOODFIN
6. Elizabeth MCMINN, b. 1780 See Jesse CASE & Elizabeth MCMINN
7. unknown dau MCMINN, b. 1788
8. Joseph MCMINN, b. 1782 See Joseph MCMINN & Elizabeth WARREN
9. Jane MCMINN, b. 1792 See Absolom BEARD & Jane MCMINN
10. Jesse MCMINN, b. 1795 See Jesse MCMINN & Affa BOLING OR Jesse MCMINN & Sylvia BOLING

Notes for Robert Sr. MCMINN:

Notes for Jane KUYKENDALL:

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