James Newton MCMINN, son of Jesse L. MCMINN and Zelpha SHIPMAN , was born 1827 in Henderson County, North Carolina. He married Malinda MAXWELL . He died 1873. Malinda MAXWELL was born 1827 in Chestnut Gap. She died 1889.

Children of James Newton MCMINN and Malinda MAXWELL are:
1. Adeline MCMINN, b. 1849
2. Andrew Jackson MCMINN, b. June 28, 1850 See Andrew Jackson MCMINN & Sara Louisa SHIPMAN OR Andrew Jackson MCMINN & Ida SHIPMAN
3. Susan Elizabeth MCMINN, b. April 05, 1852 See William Pinkney MAXWELL & Susan Elizabeth MCMINN
4. Jesse Albert MCMINN, b. May 13, 1854 See Jesse Albert MCMINN & Fleeta CORN
5. Harriet Elvira MCMINN, b. October 09, 1856 See James Albert LONG & Harriet Elvira MCMINN
6. Emily Jane MCMINN, b. December 13, 1858 See Andrew Jackson DRAKE & Emily Jane MCMINN
7. James Newton David MCMINN, b. August 28, 1861 See James Newton David MCMINN & Emma Elizabeth LOVE
8. John Lee MCMINN, b. January 01, 1864 See John Lee MCMINN & Flora Clarissa WARD OR John Lee MCMINN & Rebecca Ann CLINGENPEEL
9. Robert Watson MCMINN, b. October 21, 1867 See Robert Watson MCMINN & Ida SUMMEY OR Robert Watson MCMINN & Hannah Margret CLINGENPEEL

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