Edd C. OLDHAM, son of Moses William OLDHAM and Sally Ann SELMAN , was born March 15,1877 in Cherokee County, Texas. He married Sudie A. DOSSETT November 12, 1895 in Cherokee County, Texas. He died January 16, 1962 in Wells, Cherokee County, Texas. Sudie A. DOSSETT, daughter of William Edward DOSSETT and Lucinda DOSS , was born March 31, 1880. She died September 21, 1967.

Children of Edd C. OLDHAM and Sudie A. DOSSETT are:
1. Ernest Calaway OLDHAM, b. January 11, 1899 See Ernest Calaway OLDHAM & Annie Pearl CARTWRIGHT
2. William Edgar OLDHAM See William Edgar OLDHAM & ?
3. Alfred OLDHAM
4. Ollie Mae OLDHAM See ??? GRAY & Ollie Mae OLDHAM
5. Belle OLDHAM See ??? WILLIAMS & Belle OLDHAM
6. Daisy OLDHAM See ??? HELTON & Daisy OLDHAM
7. Jenny Viola OLDHAM See ??? BENNETT & Jenny Viola OLDHAM

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