James Augusta BRENT, son of Cader Buxton BRENT and Rebecca Cottrell SPEER , was born November 24,1845 in Crockett, Houston County, Texas. He married Frances Generva ELLIS 1869 in , Trinity County, Texas. He died January 03, 1929 in Holly Community, Trinity County, Texas. Frances Generva ELLIS was born February 13, 1852 in Ellis Prairie, Texas. She died May 06, 1926 in Holly Community, Trinity County, Texas.

Children of James Augusta BRENT and Frances Generva ELLIS are:
1. Benjamin Edward BRENT, b. May 26, 1870 See Benjamin Edward BRENT & Frances E. STANDLEY OR Benjamin Edward BRENT & Alice Marie Gentil LYKINS
2. Laura Virginia BRENT, b. March 20, 1873 See Richard Durham STANDLEY & Laura Virginia BRENT
3. James Vazell "Buddie" BRENT, b. March 03, 1877 See James Vazell "Buddie" BRENT & Ruby SISSON
4. Mary Lou Dora BRENT, b. October 05, 1879 See Virgil WINSLOW & Mary Lou Dora BRENT
5. Minnie BRENT, b. February 18, 1883 See Mark Rogers DRISKELL & Minnie BRENT
6. Frank BRENT, b. August 29, 1886 See Frank BRENT & Nell MORRISON OR Frank BRENT & Stella NEVILLS
7. Maude Della BRENT, b. January 08, 1889 See Charles Arthur BAKER & Maude Della BRENT
8. Eula Belle BRENT, b. October 23, 1891 See Calvy Hendrick CLICK & Eula Belle BRENT

Notes for James Augusta BRENT:

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