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Giamona & Cartwright Families...

Paul R. Giamona


     2 lbs lean pork diced into 1/2 x 1/2 inch cubes
        or 1 frying chicken cut into serving pieces
     2 lbs smoked sausage, sliced
     1 bell pepper, fine dice
     5 stalks celery, fine dice
     3 onions, diced
     1 16-oz can of crushed tomatoes
     2 c rice
     1-2 t cayenne pepper (more if you want it real spicy)
     1-2 t paprika
     2 t salt
     4 c water or or chicken stock


     1.  Brown pork or chicken in oil.  Remove and set aside.
     2.  Cook bell pepper, celery, and onion in the pot used to cook the meat.  Cook until onion are translucent, but not brown.
     3.  Add rice, tomatoes, pork or chicken, and sausage to onion mixture.  
     4.  Add water, salt, cayenne, and paprika.  Stir and cook over low heat for at least 1 hour.
     5.  Taste.  Add additional seasoning if needed.