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Paolo Giamona, unknown, Erasmo Ferranti, Bartolo Aiello, unknown

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Jennifer Abono Seeking any information to help trace ABONO surname from Isola delle Femmine
Tangie Abono/Moreno My grandparents are an ABONO and a LONGO. They and I are interested in tracing the family tree. Please email to exchange or share any information!
Art Aiello  
Domenica Aiello Also researching LUCIDO, CARDINALE, SCALICI, GIAMONA, DE SARNO, SCHIEDA,and AIELLO surnames
Paula Aiello  
Vincezo Aiello Italian relatives in Sicily
Adam Alongi  
Joseph Amore Any AMORE's that still live in Sicily
Jodee Anello Looking for any information on the ANELLO surname. My grandfather was Giovanni ANELLO, born about 1884 in Isola delle Femmine. Also my grandmother was a RAPPA but I think she was born in Palermo
Laurie Balbo Searching for BALBO
Marie Siino Barraco Looking for info on ESPERANZA SPOSITO and GUISEPPE SIINO,(Italy 1800's?) mother and father of VINCENT GUISEPPE SIINO of Pittsburg, Ca. Vincent married ANGELINA CAVALIER and they had 3 children, VINCENT, HOPE & MARIE. Also would like information about the family of ANTHONY JOSEPH BARRACO and his wife FELICE MAZZUCCO, of Pittsburg, Ca. They had one son, ANTHONY BARRACO who married MARIE SIINO (now living in Payette, ID). They have two boys ANTHONY BARRACO (now living in Idaho) and RICHARD BARRACO (now living in Galt, Ca)
Richard Vincent Barraco Looking for any related SIINO, BARRACO or CAVALIERI. I think some of the CAVALIERI were from Monterey. My father is Anthony BARRACO and my mother is Marie SIINO-BARRACO. We were raised in Pittsburg, Ca.
Laurie Blasing Also researching ARNO surname
Pauline Bellecci Researching BILLECI and FLORES surnames (paternal great-grandparents). Also researching descendants of Don Salvatore RUSSO.
Leah Ann Belleci I am granddaughter of Catherine and Neno BELLECI. Our family settled in Monteray/Carmel Vally area but it has been said that Neno came from Pittsburg. I was wondering if we were related to the Pittsburg BELLECI's. We also have a long line of LUCIDO's in our family.
Ann Ferrante Billeci My parents were Salvatore and Dominica (Trentanelli) FERRANTE. Salvatore arrived in Pittsburg in 1901, Dominica in 1904. We were 7 children, Angelo and Mario, Josephine, Sara, Lena, Mary, and myself(Ann).
Carolyn Billeci Great-great-granddaughter of Pietro AIELLO. Have AIELLO information.
Jessica Billeci Looking for BILLECI history, great granddaughter of Pietro BILLECI. If anyone can trace back to people still living in Isola delle Femmine let me know!
Peter M. Billeci Seeking information on BELLECI family
Rochelle Billeci-Schott Anyone who has any info on ENEA, BILLECIi, DRAGO or SAN FILLIPO. Are we all related if we're from Isola and have these names????
Jocelyne Bousser All research on surnames : COSTANZO, BRUNO, and perhaps TAGLIAMONTE, all immigrants in Algéria about 1880
Rachelle Bruno Great-Grandparents are Guiseppe AIELLO (dob5-16-1889 Italy) and Angelina RUSSO (8-1-1898 Pitts). Guiseppe BRUNO (dob? Africa) Annie BILLECI (dob ? Italy). Rosa FLORES (Italy) Guiseppe AIELLO (Italy) Guiseppe RUSSO (1859 Italy) Francesca AIELLO (1873 Italy). My Uncle Joe owned Aiello Furniture in Pitts. I can not find any more BRUNO family history. I have 100's of unknown pics. Also war letters with no last names. Also not sure why BRUNO was born in Africa!
Thomas Bruno I'm son of Micheal BRUNO, Pittsburg CA. nephew of Horace, Neno, Francis, Agnes. Intrested in all info reletive to surname.
Lori Bruno-Marsters I am the granddaughter of Neno BRUNO (Africa) and Rosina LUCIDO (Isola delle Femmine). My dad, Anthony (BRUNO) was born and raised in Pittsburg, CA. Any information on either the BRUNO or LUCIDO family would be great. We are also related to the ENEAs.
Carolyn DiMaggio-Campbell I am interested in knowing anything having to do with my grandfather Orazio DIMAGGIO, and my grandmother, Marie BRUNO-DIMAGGIO. My father Salvatore was born in Pittsburgh, CA.
Teresa Call I would like to know more about my family. My grandmother was Frances Catherine DiMAGGIO. My grandfather is Frank Vincent FAVALARO. My Father was born and reared in Pirttsburg California.
Samuel Catania Information on the family CATANIA from Isola Delle Femmine
Frank Cardinale My parents were Antonino & Antonina CARDINALE. My father opened the first meat market in Pittsburg. They arrived in Pittsburg in the late 1800's.
Henri Cardinale Recherche généalogique familiale sur Salvatore CARDINALE né le 04/10/1850 à Isola delle femmine,marié avec DISCA maria antonina née le 08/09/1857 San Lorenzo-Palermo.Ils ont5 enfants,carmelo 1892 né à Sousse Tunisie,Simon né à Isola en 1887,joseph néà Isola en 1889,caterina née à Isola ? ,giuseppina née à Isola en ?;Merci beaucoup;
Pete Cardinale Researching CARDINALE, DAVI, FERRANTI, and AIELLO
Steve Cardinalli Visit my website at www.cardinalli.com
Rosemarie Capodicci Also researching families from Santa Flavia and Santa Elia
Patricia Mercurio Chappell Looking for information on Matteo SAMPAOLO and Rose Sanna SAMPAOLO from Favignana, Sicily. Also Domenico MERCURIO from Isola delle Femmine and Petrina BELLECI MERCURIO,Pittsburg, Ca. These were my grandparents.
Stephanie Clemens Looking for information on LOMBARDO, Pittsburg,CA (or possibly can help anyone who needs it.).
Katherine Compagno Actively researching DAVI and LUCIDO families; plus others as they marry into those families.
Angela Cardinalli-Cratty Researching CARDINALLI (CARDINALE) and CRESENZA
Joseph F. Costanza I am begining to research the COSTANZA name
Tony Cracolice Interested in finding out more about my family as it was constituted in Sicily
Carolyn Crivello My grandparents were Nino and Josephine BILLECI. They lived in Pittsburg Ca.
Laura Crivello Looking for DI MAGGIO and BRUNO surnames
Chrissy Crnkovic My mom, (Rosalie nee VENTIMIGLIA parents came from Isola delle Femmine. Orazio VENTIMIGLIA & Mary Grace nee MERCURIO. Settled in Monterey. I would like to know if there is family still in Femmine.
Alyssa Davi Granddaughter of Anthony DAVI.
Andrea Davi Milani Looking for ARNO family from San Pedro....also the name ATRIA
Anthony Davi Looking for birth record in isola and san vito lo capo
Joseph Davi I am looking for information about Giovanni CATANIA (born 1866) who came in Cornwall (Pittsburg)in 1908. He was accompanied during the journey to US by his brother-in-law, Gaëtano Bruno (married to Giuseppina AIELLO and brother of her wife Giovanna BRUNO stayed in Sousse / Tunisia), Salvatore CATANIA (married to Vincenza CARDINALE), Simone RUSSO (married to MariaAIELLO), Giuseppe BUFFA (married to Giuseppina CRIVELLO) and Francesco CARMINITA (son of Giacchino CARMINTA and Salvatore COSTANZO's nephew). Giovanni CATANIA went back in Tunisia (Sousse) about the 1920's.
Roseann Davi Searching for the names DAVI, AIELLO, FERRANTE and PELLIGRINI. Anyone with any info on these names, please e-mail me.
Stefano Davi My great grandfather was Salvatore Davi the son of Antonino Davi frojm Isola delle Femmine and Rosa Coampagno from San Vito. Emigrated to San Francisco.
Petrina Daw I am researching the CARDINALLI/ CARDINALE, and LOMANTO lines. The CARDINALLI/CARDINALE line I am researching are from Isola Delle Femmine, Sicily, Italy, and the LOMANTO line is from Palermo, Sicily, Italy. On the CARDINALLI/CARDINALE side my grandfather is Vincenzo CARDIANLE, he married Petrina AIELLO, on the LOMANTO side my grandfather is Santo LOMANTO and he married Rose CACLOPPO. I have done tons of research and have lots of information and photos to share. I would love to hear from anyone who would like to exchange names, dates, places and photos.
George DiLorenzo Looking for information on a Rocco RAPPA. He was from Isola. Married to a Rosa SPANO. Had one child a Girolama RAPPA born June 29,1885 at Sousse, Tunisia. Oral history is that he worked in Pittsburg at a steel factory and fished in Alaska in season and go back and forth to Tunisia every couple of years. Died in late 1913 or early 1914 in U.S.A.(before WWI.) He had a sister in Pittsburg at the time. Married name (ARRIGONI or ROSSI?)
Catherine DiMaggio Also researching BRUNO, FERRANTE, AIELLO, MANCUSO
Nancy DiMaggio Grandfather Orazio DiMaggio, came to America in 1890's? Looking for any connections.
Vincent S DiMaggio Researching DI MAGGIO, LOMBARDO, VIRGA and LUCIDO
Linda DiMaggio Russo Would like contact on any info for Lena Cavaleri SIINO and Vincent SIINO from Isola and Neno & Bessie DI MAGGIO's families. They were my grandparents!
Sal Di Mercurio Researching AIELLO, LUCIDO from Isola and Terrasini
Donna Doing research on the FERTITTA Family lineage
Baroness Marlyne Schoening nee Enea Grand-Parents Orazio ENEA and Domenica RUCHELLO ENEA
Robert Enea Have information on ENEA and DAVI family tree. Writing book "Dark of the Moon" The History of the Monterey Sardine Fishing Industry
A. Escobedo need info on VITALI family
Valarie Fooks Looking for information on LUCIDO, and IONO family trees.
David Ferrante Looking for information on FERRANTE, ACQUAVIVA,and SOLARI families
Laura Ferrante  
Tom Ferrante FERRANTE, FERRANTI, and TRENTANELLI. Pittsburg, CA. (aka Black Diamond, CA)
Annie Ferrer Recherche renseignements sur les personnes suivantes: CARDINALE Salvatore et Catherina Isola delle femmine GUARNOTTA Camelo, Maria Fransceco COSTANZA Maria, Erasimo AIELLO Magdalena ENEA Francisca (Searching for information on the following individuals from Isola delle Femmine...)
Jason Giammona Researching any GIAMMONA Family history.
Jim and Gina Giamona Grandparents Frances Cantania and Joseph Giamona, father Paul Giamona.
Judy Giamonco Researching Francisco GIAMANCO, Maria Petra CIOLINA, born abt 1860, Carlo GIAMANCO, Maria REMA, born abt 1877, Giuseppe GIAMANCO, born Feb. 13, 1889. Also Guiseppe GANGITANO and Vita GANCITANO
Nathalie Gottrau Looking for any information on BRUNO Giovanna and her husband CATANIA Giovanni, both born in Isola delle Femmine. First, they immigrated to Sousse (Tunisia) and later to France.
Rosemarie Cardinale Greenup Looking for CARDINALE with the nickname Manazza (hand) from Sicily. DAVI with the nick name ponza richa
Angela Cardinale Higinbotham Also researching CARDINALE, FERRANTE, BOLOGNA, and MAURO
Annette Bruno Jones I'm related to so many but I'm interested in my great-great-grandparents Ciro DI MERCURIO married to Nina GRILLO and Joseph BRUNO married to Caterina MERCURIO from Isola delle Femmine. Also, my great-grand parents are Thomas DI MERCURIO married to Agatha BRUNO and Guiseppe BRUNO married to Annie BELLECI.
Megan Lombardo  
Frank Lucido Jr. Looking for Count Pilo of Capaci information, also the ENEA Family, and the legend that has been passed down.
Kevin Lucido I am trying to locate Giovanna LUCIDO, daughter of Angelo M. LUCIDO and Mary DAVI LUCIDO, of Carmel/Pebble Beach/Monterey, CA. I believe Giovanna was born January 27, 1921. I am her nephew.
Michael Lucido Also researching CARDINALE, ENEA, and FERRANTI still in Italy.
Michael Lucido Researching Horace LUCIDO born 1909 Algers, CARDINALLI, DAVI, FERRANTE. ANEA, BRUNO, RAPPA, DI MAGGIO, RUSSO. Monterey Ca. Fisherman.
Peter Lucido Researching LUCIDO Family.
Steven Lucido Researching information on my grandfather Frank LUCIDO and grandmother Catherine LUCIDO
Robert and Kim Lindgren Researching RUSSO and RUCHELLO
Genelle Russo Longueira My great grandfather, Vincent RUSSO came from Isola delle Femmine and went to Pittsburg, Ca, and that is where my grandfather, Neno RUSSO  was born. I would love to have contact with anyone who had similar background.
Phillip Mansueto Seeking any information on my parents MANSUETO and NAPOLITANO.
Janet Martinez Searching on all information for grandfather, Angelo SIINO, Monterey Boat Works.
Alfonso J Martorella My Nano was Alfonso MARTORELLO (changed to MaARTOLLA in 1930's) son of Carl MARTORELLO who was married to Rosalia LUCIOD. Alfonso married Marion AIELLO in 1920 in Pittsburg,CA. I would like to know if any of the MARTORELLO family is still In Isola delle Femmine. If anyone has any information please email me.
Angele Mercurio Mon grand pere ne a Capaci Siciles appelait SCALICI. Ma grand mere nee a Isola delle Femmine appelait CRIVELLO.
Sally Mollett Looking for info on family of maternal grandfather, Domenico MERCURIO,b.1887, died 1971. m. Petrina BELLECI
Leah Mustain (Abono) I am looking for any information regarding Rose Marie ABONO and her parents which are my great-grandparents. Name are Arazamo and Louise ABONO. Please email any info on ABONO Family. Rose lived in Pittsburg, Ca.
Vincent Russell Mutulo Great great grandson of Pietro AIELLO on my maternal side. Mother Rose MERCURIO MUTULO. Grandparents Dominic and Petrina MERCURIO, mothers side. Grandparents Angela and Vincenzo MUTULO, fathers side. Any information would be welcome.
Véronique Offner I'm looking for information about Antonio FERRANTE (FERRANTI) and Francesca FLORIS (FLORES).
Mike Orlando Looking for MERCURIO and TREZZA descendants from Isola.
Joseph Pizzimenti Researching PIZZIMENTI family members both in New York and California. .Relations of Natal (Nathale) Pizzimenti from Isola delle Femmine.
Gina Prestigiacomo-Muniz Seeking information for my family tree. My grandfather was Rosario PRESTIGIACOMO born in Isola delle femmine around 1890 and my grandmother's madien name was Rose DRAGO who was born in Capaci in 1902.
Descendents of Catherine Puccio  
Pat Ramsey I am researching the BELLECI name. My great grandparents emigrated to Pittsburg, CA prior to 1897.
Elizabeth Randazzo Looking for information on the RANDAZZO family from Monterey,CA. My grandparents were Andrea RANDAZZO and Francesca VIRGI.
Gus & Millie Randazzo We are researching the RANDAZZO family in Monterey. Gus' grandparents were Andrea RANDAZZOand Francesca VIRGI Info on any family members would be greatly appreciated!
Lucia Rappa I'm looking for persons with the RAPPAsurname. Specifically, those originating from Partinico, Sicilia. Please email me with any information you may have.
Tony Ratto My great grandmother is Francesca ENEA LUCIDO. She settled in Pittsburg, CA. I have family tree for the ENEA and LUCIDO families.
Catherine Rubino Roberts Would like to have information on my grandparents Josephina DIMAGGIO and Salvatore RUBINO
Liliane Russo Looking for Madonna AGNESE born in Isola delle Femmine
Linda Russo Researching COSTANZA, RUSSO and BRUNO surnames. All came from Isola delle Femmine to Pittsburg, CA.
Giuseppe Siino Also researching CARINI and AIELLO
Joe Siino Researching SIINO, CANCIMILLIA,, BILLECI, SPOSITO ancestry
John J Siino Jr Researching names: SIINO, VERDUCCI, SPOSITO, COMPAGNO
Sandra Siino I would also like to know how Isola delle Femmine got its name.
Maria Squaglia John BATTAGLIA.
Shane Vincent Stewart My family blood Line starts from Salvatore Nazzareno RUCCELLO. If you have any information on the RUCCELLO family please e-mail me.
Marian Bologna Swanson Looking for history on the following family names: BOLOGNA and SEENO (parents), AIELLO and RUSSO, (grandmothers) CARINI, RAPPA, AIELLO, and BRUNO (great-grandmothers).
Carol Angela Tacconi Carol is grandaughter of Constantino CARDINALE - TACCONI and Rose BELLECI - settled in Crockett, CA
Grazia Tinervia  
Marie Tognotti  
Rosa (Smario) Turner Researching SMARIO and FERRANTE - SMARIO from Sveracavallo, and FERRANTE from Isola delle Femmine.
Laura Uperesa I am the Great Granddaughter of Erasmo AIELLO & Rosa MERCURIO. Trying to gather as much info as I can for a family reunion this June 2004. Any family info would help. All AIELLO descendants are invited to the reunion.
Giana Verga I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather Alfonso, born in Milan, Italy in 1865, His fathers name was Patricio VERGA, I think he was the brother of Giovanni VERGA. Not sure need more info. Please Help!
Marc Doolin-Verga Seeking information on VERGA/VIRGA family
Offner Véronique Je recherche toutes informations sur la famille FERRANTE Antonio(de Isola delle femmine) fils de Michel FERRANTE et Pietra FLORES et FLORES Francesca (de san Vito Del Capo)
Barbara Accardo Viscuso Looking for information on DAVI and LUCIDO families who came from Isola delle Femmine and settled in Pittsburg CA.
Angela Costanza Warner Have info on COSTANZA/O, family crest, etc. Need info on cousins: CATALDO, MAGNA or MEGNA
Paula Wherity-Lew I am searching for information on the following surnames: CATALDO, DIMAGGIO, LOMBARDO, LUCIDO, RUSSO. They migrated to Pittsburg, CA in the early 1900's.
Nancy Yesu Researching LO BELLO, RINELLA, and CARDINALE
Jennifer Yoch Looking for Antonio MERCURIO and Josephine FERRANTE's parents. Their daughter Angelina MERCURIO was born in Pittsburg in 1906. Their estimated births are 1876 and 1886 respectively.
Carol A Youngman I am researching the family tree of Frank "Chico" BRUNO and spouse, Maria DI MAGGIO. Also, family tree of Vincenzo LUCIDO and spouse, Rosaria "Sarah" LAZZARINI.
Diane R. Brookshire My great grandfather Gaetano Seeno was born in Isola and settled in Pittsburg CA. I now manage a lot of the family archives. I would like to connect with the relatives of Gaetano's siblings especially Angelo Siino.
Debora Flores I am trying to research the Italian Flores family. Starting with Francesco Flores, siblings were Salvatore, Rosalia, Teresa, Antonio who died in the war. Parents were Antonio Flores and Francesca Cardinale Flores. Family tree names are Flores, Lucido, Crivello, Drago, Randazzo, Sansone, Cappucio, Compagno, Rosanena, Fontana, Cardinalli, Vendimiglia, Verducci, Cusenza. If anyone has any genealogy connection with these names please contact me. I am researching the Flores genealogy.
Ursuline Carpetta Looking for descendants of Placido Abono and Rosalie Rappa. We're having a family reunion on October 8, 2011, in Pittsburg, CA. E-mail me for more information.
Desjardins Eric I am seeking information on my great great grandparents who were all from Isola delle Femmine. Information that I have been recueuillir are my paternal grandmother's name was Lucia Ferranti was born November 30, 1908 in La Calle in Algeria died December 26, 1985 at Pradet France. She was the daughter of Erasmo Ferranti was born December 3, 1862 and Antonina Crivello LE12 born July 1872. They 'were married in La Calle June 7, 1890. Erasmo was the son of Antonio and Benedetta Scalici Ferranti. Antonina was the daughter of Antonino Crivello and Maria Costanzo. If you have more information even dates of birth, I'm interested.
Jerry Georgette Researching Aiello, Lucido, Esposito, Troja, and Cardinale from IDF. Thanks!
Nikolas Aiello Looking for information on the Aiello, Hughes, Cardinale, and Giambona surnames. If anyone has information on the Marquardt surname, that would also help.
Stephanie Ragolia I am going to Partinico Italy this December and am looking for Ragolia family and the Francesco Tola married to a Loboria Zoda. My grandmother's cousins name is Emmanuel Rappa. Any help???
Gabriella Cardinalli  
Kim Russo Castellanoz tracing my family from pittsburg, ca to isola di femmine... russo aiello troia
Vincent Ferrante (47) Pittsburg, CA Looking for info on Vincenzo Ferrante. Arrived in Black Diamond in 1899 with half brother Pietro. Moved to Monterey with Pietro, Arasimo and Oratzio Enea. Is also half brother to Giuseppe, Antonio, Arasimo, Rosalie and brother to Angela.
John Anello My Grandfather Giovani Luigi Anello was born in 1895 in Palermo and Married Vittoria Dell'Osbel, my father John Anello was born April 21, 1916 in Cunagia. I am going to Palermo in September would like to find my relatives. My Grandfather visited Palermo every July in the 1950's. Thanks for your help. John Anello
Angelica Blatt Granddaughter of Albert and Nancy Mangiapane
Margaret Aiello Markwith looking for AIELLO, LUCIDO, CARDINALE, SCALICI, GIAMONA, DE SARNO, SCHIEDA from Isola
Rita Garcia Im looking for my grandmas Italian side of the family her maiden name was. STRACUZZI first name Josephine. Her fathers name was Cosimo STRACUZZI and mothers name was also Josephine Ann. Cosimo and Josephine deported from Italy in the 1900 any info on relatives or history I need!!!!
Tom Mercurio I am looking for any information on the Guibertto family. My grandfather was named Gueliemo Guibertto
Rose Spano Looking for any news on my grandad Salvatore Spano born 12 Jan 1886. He went to Tunisia and married Victorina Vivani
Larry Megna Looking for relatives still living in the Isola delle Femmine area of Sicily or people who may have information. Planning a trip and would like to make contact when in Sicily. My grandfather was Loreto Megna, he came to the United States in 1906.
Denise H. Izrailov I am looking for information about Thomas Ferrante married to Fannie Oliveri Ferrante - children Joseph Ferrante, Vincent Ferrante. They lived in Chicago and New York.
Jane DiMaggio I am in the Boston area U.S. & am looking for any information on the DiMaggio's
Roseanne Galli Grandmother Magdelena Russo and Grandfather Antone Russo born in Pittsburg. Great Granfather Salvatore Russo and Great Grandmother Frances Russo were first cousins came from the isola delle femmine.
Bonny Ruccello Stewart My family is from Monterey, Ca. But I am having a hard time finding family our roots in Italy. Can anyone help?