Esquire BROWN was born abt. 1775. He married Lucretia VREEDENBERGH bef. 1798 in Washington County, New York. He died bef. 1825. Lucretia VREEDENBERGH, daughter of UNKNOWN , was born 1780 in Holland. She died bef. 1850 in San Augustine County, Texas.

Children of Esquire BROWN and Lucretia VREEDENBERGH are:
1. Lucretia BROWN, b. 1815 See Jesse E. COLE & Lucretia BROWN
2. Squire BROWN, b. 1808 See Squire BROWN & Sarah SMITHWICK
3. Hiram BROWN, b. 1813 See Hiram BROWN & Katherine Cathern BLACKBURN
4. Eliza Ann BROWN, b. 1818 See Edward DAVIS & Eliza Ann BROWN
5. Harriet BROWN, b. 1822 See Francis WILSON & Harriet BROWN
6. William Hiram BROWN, b. 1824 See William Hiram BROWN & Mary Ann VEITCH
7. Samuel BROWN, b. August 31, 1798
8. Daniel BROWN

Marriage Events for Esquire BROWN\Lucretia VREEDENBERGH:

Other Marriages for Lucretia VREEDENBERGH:
See Abram ROBERTS & Lucretia VREEDENBERGH OR Shadrack Dickinson THOMAS & Lucretia VREEDENBERGH

Notes for Lucretia VREEDENBERGH:

Notes for Samuel BROWN:

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